• EEV博客#1324–示波器参考波形非常有用

    Dave shows how to use reference waveforms to capture, compare and time correlate more then one signal at a time on your oscilloscope when you just can’t hold all those probes at once. 论坛 : //www.terragaze.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1324-scope-trick-2-probes-1-hand/ Podcast: Download

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    EEV博客#1323 – PCB Layout Review & Analysis

    Dave analyses a PCB layout from the EEV博客forum and covers all sorts of tips for SMD layout, component placement, routing, layer stackup, controlled impedance traces, supply planes and power bypassing. Original forum thread: //www.terragaze.com/forum/beginners/first-4-layer-pcb-traces-on-each-layer-a-good-idea/ 论坛 : //www.terragaze.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1323-pcb-layout-review-analysis/ Podcast: Download

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    EEV博客#1322–JBL LSR308演播室监听音箱维修

    Repairing a JBL LSR308 studio monitor speaker. Digital troubleshooting in a speaker? Yep, that’s a thing! How to systematically track down a fault and *know* that part has failed. 论坛 : //www.terragaze.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1322-jbl-lsr308-studio-monitor-speaker-repair/ Podcast: Download

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